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SkyBot – Build your own drone kit and educational program


The SkyBot Kickstarter is part educational program for kids and part a build your own drone kit

I was a geek, I admit it.  I learned to build my own robot in school and would have loved every aspect of this program if it had been available then.  A build your own drone kit?  You can’t go wrong.

The SkyBot Kickstarter page notes “We Developed “DRONE ROBOTICS” which offers an engaging program at “The Boys and Girls Club of America”, in- and after-school classes at local BGCA around greater Los Angeles“.  Engaging kids in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through UAV technology makes sense and the children seem to love it.

We chatted with Austin Kelly about the project.

Q. Are you looking to grow into an educational business or a “build your own drone kit” manufacturing company?

Both. I believe the future of 3D Printing can help grow both industries. A lot of the kids who play with SkyBot want to get into 3D Printing. Watch this video note Ethan mentioning he wants to design his own drone.

Q. Have you chatted with the Boys and Girls club about bringing this program national?

We’re working with several non-profits to help engage more kids to participate in after-school engineering programs. SheDrones is an amazing non profit we anticipate to collaborate with in the near future…  Possibly with a Pink SkyBot.

Q. How did you come up with the original design for SkyBot?

The inspiration of SkyBots design came from the University of Switzerland 3D Printed Dancing Drones.

Q. 3D printing has opened up so many possibilities, how did you determine it made sense for this project?

Los Angeles is an amazing HUB for 3D Printing Artist.  Collaborating with talented CAD Designers just made sense.

Q. What type, or types, of 3D printers have you used for this build your own drone kit? Any recommendations to other drone designers looking to follow a similar path?

We used a $30,000.00 Stratus 3D printer. It is literally the Ferrari of 3D Printers and it perfectly shaped the SkyBot to generate quick lift.

My Recommendation: Just Build It!

Q. Austin, was there anything else we should have asked you about that our readers would find valuable?

Announcement to all 3D Printers: Our SkyBot STL Files will be on our Kickstarter page after we reach our goal of $6,400.00

We’ve been getting a lot of request from the 3D Community about our STL Files and its really cool to see you guys get excited about SkyBot.

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