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The State of Section 333 Petitions – Blasting into a bright future

Section 333 Petitions are Getting Processed Faster Than Ever

Data From JD Supra

JD Supra ran an article today titled “Section 333 at 200 days: Where are we now?“, the article is well worth your time to read as it does an excellent job of providing a snapshot of the state of section 333 petitions.

There are good reasons for the increased pace of approval:

  • The Section 333 Summary Grant Approval Process.  The FAA has processed enough exemptions that it has a a clearer understanding of what people are doing.  Requests that are similar to those already approved are moving quickly through the process.

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  • Growing comfort with the use of drones by hobbyist.  For the most part, common sense hobbyist drone guidelines are being followed.   Very few safety scares and accidents have led to an easing of public and governmental concerns.

It is a good thing the pace has increased.  The market is ready for solutions to problems that drones are the appropriate tool to solve.  2015 is going to be a lot of fun!

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