Swedish Drone Regulations


Swedish Drone Regulations – Updated as of 6/5/2015

Swedish Drone Regulations

GLady / Pixabay

The government of Sweden responded to our request for information on the latest Swedish drone regulations, which can be read in detail here.

Here is a summary of key points:

  • UAVs must be flown during daylight hours.
  • UAVs must be flown within line of sight.
  • An “pilot in charge” must be designated before each flight.
  • The “pilot in charge” must be fully familiar with the functioning of the AUV being flown
  • If a flight is being flown in automatic-mode, a manual override must be possible.
  • Logs of all flights must be maintained by the pilot. The log must include, at minimum, the  date, name of the “pilot in charge”, the individual aircraft, take-off and landing areas, flight time, total flight time, type of activity and potential deviations.

We will keep this updated as Swedish drone regulations evolve over time.

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