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Microraptor Pro Waterproof Case Review – The 3D Robotics Iris+ Case

  Our friends at Skylab Flight Systems once again review a product from Microraptor.  In their first review they took at look at the Microraptor Pro backpack, this time they are digging into their waterproof cases. Testing the Duffel/Backpack was easy compared to this case.  The reason for that, this case is designed to be the rugged alternative to the Duffel/Backpack case.  Fuertes Cases manufactures these customized case solutions for UAV, RC and tech under the their brand name Microraptor Pro Waterproof Case to provide off-the-shelf convenience with superior custom protection they have…

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3D Robotics discusses competing with DJI, Solo, and drone innovation

  The release of Solo is a big step forward for 3D Robotics.  See how they are closing the gap on DJI as well as their thoughts on innovation in the drone industry The team at 3D Robotics are great citizens in the drone marketplace and they took time out of their schedules to answer a few of our questions about Solo and more. Q. DJI is clearly the market leader in drone manufacturing, how is 3DRobotics looking to close this gap? Many ways! First, there’s Solo, the world’s first Smart…

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