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Volcanic eruption captured by drones in Guatemala

Violent volcanic eruptions in Guatemala have been captured by drones for the first time. A team of scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge flew the unmanned vehicles 3,700m (12139ft) over the Volcan de Fuego, which erupts every three to four weeks. The plumes of ash and gas expelled into the atmosphere threaten the lives of 60,000 people living in the region. READ MORE! >> Source: Volcanic eruption captured by drones in Guatemala

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Interview with Kevin McCarthy – Skylab Flight Systems

Skylab Flight Systems Kevin McCarthy has worked with several Chinese manufacturers in different capacities ranging from technical support to writing user manuals to testing new products.  He launched Skylab Flight Systems to share his insights on the drone industry with others. Q.  Kevin, what got you interested in the drone industry initially? Initially, my attraction to the drone industry stemmed from my involvement in a growing quadcopter hobby.  I was involved with a Chinese quadcopter manufacturer and I liked the work I was doing for/with them.  One day, while I…

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21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved, 3/20/2015 – 3/27/2015

21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved The FAA made a lot of progress on exemptions during the last few days with 21 section 333 exemptions approved. Here are the section 333 exemptions approved by the FAA and a summary of planned use for each. San Diego Gas & Electric Company The exemption notes: “The exemption would allow the petitioner to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial inspections of its electric and gas facilities including emergency response damage assessments” Southern Company Services, Inc. The exemption notes: “The exemption would…

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Legal experts question FAA’s authority to ground drone website

Lawmakers across the globe are struggling.  Drone technology, often maligned and misunderstood, is something that they want to put legal limits upon but how much, or how little, makes sense? In our opinion the FAA, in the example below, has overstepped their bounds.  Drones/uavs are a valuable technology that can greatly benefit society.  Like any technology, there are positive and negative uses, but the vast majority of uses are positive (or at least neutral). Steve Girard’s efforts to create a part-time source of income, using his DJI Phantom for aerial photography,…

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