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What’s the Point of Amazon Self-destructing Drones

Amazon is taking a page out of the spy genre in a newly-patented feature for its future fleet of delivery drones. Filings for a patent granted to the internet retailer show a self-destructing drone that is able to strategically disassemble in the air during an emergency to mitigate any potential damage from an otherwise fully-formed delivery drone, or as the patent describes it, “direct fragmentation for unmanned airborne vehicles.” Perhaps the self-destructing drones will find a home in the recently-patented hive-like structure approved this past summer. Amazon / USPTO While…

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Global drone delivery news – mid July 2015

  Drone delivery services continue to be hyped.  Most are simply trials but they are worth paying attention to as they point to services that are not far off. If you hear drone delivery you are most likely to think about Amazon.  While Amazon’s efforts are the most well known there is are a constant supply of stories coming out daily on this topic. Fastway Drone Delivery Trials taking place in New Zealand. Fastway New Zealand undertook a trial of the collaborative service, using a Flirtey drone to transport auto…

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