Claiming the first case of a drone shooting down another drone, a U.S. reaper drone successfully shot down another with a missile. Anti-drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

A Reaper Drone Shot Down Another Drone in First Unmanned Air-to-Air Kill

U.S. Air Force photo/Ilka Cole SOURCE: A U.S. Reaper drone shot down another with a missile, the Air Force revealed yesterday. The incident, which took place last year and involved an unmanned target drone, was the first case of a drone shooting down another another aircraft. The event ism a watershed moment in the history of aerial warfare, as unmanned aircraft begin to muscle in on air-to-air combat—previously the exclusive domain of manned aircraft. Colonel Julian Cheater, commander of the 432nd Air Expeditionary Wing, revealed the incident in an interview…

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British 'zapper' destroys 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria by jamming their radars Anti-drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

British ‘zapper’ destroys 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria by jamming their radars

A British ‘zapper’ has helped American troops destroy at least 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria, it has emerged. The zapper – a £1.5million Anti-UAV Defence System technology – can detect and jam drone signals, essentially taking control over the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with the ability to send it crashing to the ground. A mixture of technology has been used to produce the device, developed in 2015 by three British companies – Blighter Surveillance Systems in Essex, Chess Dynamics in West Sussex and Enterprise Control…

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Drone Vs Drone : Anti Drone Measures Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

Drone vs drone: UK develops new remote control weapons that will be able to shoot down jihadis’ aircraft

Helicopter drones which could shoot down Islamic State’s new remote-controlled weapons are under development, the Defence Secretary announced yesterday. Sir Michael Fallon said the terror group’s latest drone tactics in Iraq – in which they drop grenades from the skies – had been a ‘wake-up call’ for Britain. Unmanned craft would enable the UK to stay ahead of enemies as they would be faster, fly for longer, and spare pilots from any risk, he said. In a speech at Oxford University to engineers and academics, he said drone wars were…

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Protecting your privacy – Anti drone technology on the rise

As drones grow in popularity, so too does anti drone technology blickpixel / Pixabay We have shared articles in the past on UAV privacy systems, like this one from our contributors at Flyver on protecting your privacy from drones.   It is not a surprise to see a Japanese company, Alsok, working on anti drone technology for drones.   Japan, who has recently banned the use of drones in public parks, and who is reeling from the drone that landed on the Prime Minister’s office, is a bit on edge and…

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