Drone Racing has grown in popularity. Top Drone News Stories 

‘100 per cent mental sport’: Drone racing growing in popularity

The sport has even led to the creation of a world championship, broadcast live on television. There are a variety of rules based on what kind of race the drone owner is competing in, but they are similar to race car driving regulations. In some leagues, pilots are given points for flying their drones past checkpoints and finishing within a certain amount of time. Drones can reach speeds of 120 kilometres an hour, with race courses ranging from the mundane circuits, to tracks that feature several levels. READ MORE! >>…

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Canada reviews regulating where drones can fly after package drop over prison Canada Drones In The News 

Sask. jail package drop highlights difficulties in regulating where drones can fly

As Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice looks at what it can do to prevent drones from flying over correctional facilities, Transport Canada is examining what changes it needs to make to better regulate the technology. The ministry confirmed Friday that a drone dropped a package of contraband at the Regina Correctional Centre a few weeks ago. In Canada, anyone is able to operate a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but they are expected to follow a set of rules. Aaron McCrorie, the director general for civil aviation at Transport Canada, explained…

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Canadian Drone Regulations to be updated in near future

  On May 28th a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations concerning the operation of Unmanned Aircraft under 25 kg within Visual Line of Sight was issued, meaning Canadian Drone Regulations are likely to be updated within the next 90 days There is an understanding in many of the world’s aviation authorities that unmanned aircraft must be dealt with.  Canada has done a good job in this area and continues to do so.  As a result, Canadian drone regulations are likely to be updated soon.   For those interested…

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Canada Training Programs 

Drone Training Program – Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems About Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems CCUVS is the only organization of its type in Canada that offers a 1.5 day condensed UAS ground school course to both civil and commercial operators. CCUVS’ 7 years of UAS field experience and aviation background in this emerging technology sector are the key ingredients of this UAS course. It covers the following topics that are all deemed essential by Transport Canada: Aerodynamics Air law and regulations Communications Weather and basic UAS 101 Students also receive instruction for an Industry Canada Restricted Radio Operators License (Air).…

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Zurich Canada launches drone insurance package

 Jan-Mallander / Pixabay Drone Insurance on the rise When you see drone insurance packages coming out you know that drones are on their way to the mainstream. TORONTO, ON, April 1, 2015 – Zurich Canada, a leading property and casualty insurer, has launched a new insurance product that will help its customers across a range of industries take advantage of the risk mitigation and cost saving opportunities available through the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as “drones.” The new drone insurance package, developed in partnership with…

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