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Slantrange focuses on making farming more productive

Q. What is SlantRange’s business focused on? We design, manufacture, and market sensor and analytics systems for use on 3rd party drone aircraft that measure a variety of crop health conditions for farmers. We are continually seeking out ways to use airborne remote sensing technologies to improve farming productivity. Q. Your technology adds tremendous value to many areas, lets talk agriculture. How does SlantRange help farmers? Our system produces multiple data products for farmers that each have some unique value: Crop Populations – Measurements of the plant density (plants/acre) that…

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Crop Mapping with UAVs

Precision Agriculture, Crop Mapping, and more Misconceptions Abound In the past few weeks I have had more than one conversation with people wanting to use small electric rotary wing systems (quads, hexacopters etc) for crop mapping. In more than one instance people have become upset with me when I inform them that these airframes with their relatively low endurance are not suited for mapping ten thousand hectares of sugarcane in central Guatemala. Depending on weather conditions, payload, battery, airframe etc you can only reasonably expect 15 minutes of flight time…

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