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A brief chat with the Sprite UAV Team

  We wrote about the Sprite UAV during it’s crowd funding efforts – After its crowd funding success we chatted with the team to learn more When we wrote about the Sprite UAV Kickstarter project on May 24th they had 20 days remaining and had already raised $137,000 of the $200,000 goal.  It was clear they would be a crowd funding success story. By the time their campaign completed they had 532 backers who pledged $406,061. They not only met their goal, they smashed it. Q. Could you tell our readers a…

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The crowd funded drones updates for 6/5/2015

  Crowd funded drones remain popular on Kickstarter but there there are no guaranteed projects We wanted to take a slightly different look at crowd funded drones on Kickstarter this week, looking at how active drone-related projects are doing against their fundraising goals.  We have spoken with some of these project teams and will continue to do so. Here are the current Kickstarter active crowd funded drones that have met their goals already: The CyPhy Lvl 1 Drone. $559,062 has been pledged which is 223% of their fundraising goal and 12 days remain. We…

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Kickstarter Spotlight – The Autonomous Agriculture Drone

The beauty of the autonomous agriculture drone?  Farmers will be able to utilize their drone quickly and effectively without undergoing hours upon hours of practice This Kickstarter project is looking to raise $15,000 to build a prototype autonomous agriculture drone.  The concept makes sense, farmers want to gather data without becoming UAV pilots.  Lets learn more from Jon Shearer, the project founder. Q. How did you come up with this idea? I have an extensive technology background with exposure to several of the technologies required to develop a drone that…

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