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The crowd funded drone – Kickstarter and IndieGogo updates

Crowd funded drones continue to pull in money Yes, we have written about the splash drone on a couple occasions and shared information on other crowdfunded drones in the past.  Money continues to pour into this market, here is an update on a few of our favorite projects as well as information on a few others. The Kickstarter Splash Drone This is one of the best examples of a successfully crowd funded drone. 315 backers pledged $303,429 to make this project possible and you can even pre-order it now. [Tweet “The…

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Crowdfunded Drones: The KickStarter Splash Drone and More

Crowdfunded Drones will have success in 2015.  You only have to look at the KickStarter Splash Drone to understand that this is true.  I often check out KickStarter and IndieGogo to see what ideas are floating around in this space.  We have spoken about the KickStarter Splash Drone a few times because it is truly an amazing success in terms of donations. Here is a summary of a few of the crowd funded drone projects that have caught our eye. KickStarter Splash Drone We had to start here. With five days…

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