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PrecisionHawk launches The Algorithm Marketplace

  The Algorithm Marketplace is the first App Store for Drone Data Analysis – A new world is upon us This is truly exciting news!  Instead of needing to hire a remote sensing specialist you can now download the software you need from The Algorithm Marketplace. This innovation, which you can navigate to here, represents a partnership with more than 40 corporate and university partners who are licensing over 100 algorithms for automated drone data analysis. The open IP platform will give anyone the ability to create a solution and license it for profit and…

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GSC Surveying – Surveying and mapping with drones

GSC Surveying received their Section 333 Exemption on May 13th, we reached out to learn how they would be using drones in their surveying and mapping UAVs are becoming are very popular tool with those in the surveying and mapping business, putting those that fail to make use of the technology at a competitive disadvantage in our opinion.  We asked the team at GSC Surveying if they agree. Q. As time passes do you think surveying businesses that do not have drones are at a competitive disadvantage? Absolutely, this is another “tool…

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