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The Air Force Studied Falcons to Develop a Bio-Mimicking Drone Defense

Nature is full of keenly adapted predators, and one of the best animal hunters out there is the falcon. These skilled predators have been able to adapt to nearly every habitat on Earth, and have long been used by humans to hunt game from the sky. Now, the United States military thinks there‚Äôs even more to learn from these raptors. The US Air Force recently funded a study by Oxford University zoologists that aimed to understand how peregrine falcons hunt for prey, and to model their predatory behavior into bio-mimicking…

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6WResearch: India ready to become a key UAV market

6Wresearch announces the release of most anticipated “India UAV Market (2015-2021)” report covering UAV types, range types, applications, market trends and upcoming projects. The report estimates and forecast market by UAV types such as Mini–UAVs (Low Altitude-Low Endurance), Medium Range UAVs (Low Altitude-Medium Endurance), Long Range UAVs (Medium Altitude-Long Endurance), and Long Range UAVs (High Altitude-Long Endurance). The report also segregates market into different range types for Mini-UAVs (under 3mi & 4mi-10mi) and Medium Range UAVs (5mi-10mi & 11mi-20mi). Increasing terrorist activities, border security, rising defense budget, FDI, favorable government…

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