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Team of Military Pilots Brings Experience to Consumer Drone Market

The Consumer Drone Market is heating up The team at Botlink notes the following information on their About page, helping to make it clear how they are hoping to bring military precision to the consumer drone market. “Botlink is an experienced team of military and professional pilots, software developers, electrical engineers, and communicators on a mission to create the world’s safest and most secure drone operations platform. Our cloud-based platform features fully-automated drone control with manual drag-and-drop hand flying from your smart phone or tablet. Control is coupled with real-world…

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A few thoughts on the Ubuntu Core Drone

The Ubuntu Core Drone will come with apps and a programmable core – A developers dream When we came across the Ubuntu Core Drone we knew we had to reach out to our friends at Flyver to hear their thoughts.  Flyver co-founder Tihomir Nedev, had this to say about the project: “I am familiar with the project and have even had the chance to communicate with its founder. It looks really interesting and I’m even considering if Flyver should be making apps for their system. Erle Robotics, the developers of the…

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