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Trump’s New Drone Policies Could Seal US Drone Industry’s Doom

President Donald Trump’s new drone technology plans and policies won’t be enough to restore U.S. leadership in the sector, according to a former intelligence official who helped Ronald Reagan amp up critical American missile defense technology during the Cold War. What’s more, the policies won’t help protect American lives and interests from drone-based terrorist attacks, Michael Sekora, former director of Project Socrates, told SiliconANGLE in an interview. The classified Defense Intelligence Agency tech initiative is often credited with transforming Reagan’s stalled “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative vision into a multitiered…

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Drone Industry Infographic – Real and potential uses

The Drone Industry is on fire, this infographic shows many current and potential uses Leslie Bates of SheDrones took some time to put together this wonderful infographic to show the true potential of the drone industry.  Are there potential or existing use cases that have not been included?  Please let us know if you see any as we will take time to update the infographic to ensure it reflects a complete picture of the state of the industry. [Tweet “.@SheDrones created a gr8 infographic to show potential of the #drone industry…

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