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Ohio Sees Expansion in Commercial Drone Applications

Drones Continue to Find Work in Ohio SOURCE: (TNS) — Paul and Deborah Bach first bought a drone because they wanted to keep an eye on the construction of a pipeline in three parts of their farmland outside Elmore, Ohio. And while that quickly helped the Bachs identify several areas where construction activity had damaged their field tile, they soon learned of other tasks for which aerial video is useful. In particular, Mr. Bach has been using his drone to identify parts of his fields with insect damage, “and you…

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Drones In The News 

Drone Journalism – Is it a First Amendment Right?

Drone journalism is here.  Is it protected by the first Amendment? Motherboard ran an article titled “The FAA Tells the Media It Can’t Use Drones For Journalism Without Permission“.  Here is a short snippet from this piece on drone journalism: “A lawyer with the Federal Aviation Administration is trying to ban news organizations from using drones for news gathering purposes unless they have specific permission from the agency, according to a new legal memo. The memo, titled “Media Use of UAS” suggests that news companies can use drone footage shot…

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