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Drones in India should be legal soon

Drones in India are still illegal, at least for now The Director General of Civil Aviation, or DGCA, in India has been slow to approve the use of drones.  However, drones in India should be legal soon.  Read more of this story on Live Mint.  Photo: Reuters “Are you thinking of buying an unmanned aerial vehicle, better known as a drone? If yes, there’s a “Quadcopter Drone, 3D LED Light Show, Ultra Durable Nylon Body—Free Gift Wrapping—Free Surprise Gift!! 100% Genuine” for sale on online marketplace ebay.in. The drone, from…

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Drone Laws: An interview with Drone Lawyer Peter Lee

Monelgonel / Pixabay Drone Laws vary a great deal around the globe Peter Lee from law firm Taylor Vinters is based in the UK and is one of the world’s leading drone lawyers; we asked him about drone laws around the globe. Q. You are a technology and drone lawyer in the UK, what prompted you to focus on law in these areas. Technology law is interesting because it’s a challenge to apply the law to totally new and evolving concepts. I mainly specialise in areas where tech and regulation…

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