A spectacular drone show lit up the night sky above Burning Man as autonomous swarm of 300 drones displayed an orchestrated aerial ballet. Drones In The News Drones on YouTube Top Drone News Stories 

Orchestrated Drone Show Mesmerizes at Burning Man

SOURCE:http://www.govtech.com/products/Drones-Continue-to-Find-Work-in-Ohio.html The drone display at Burning Man 2018 was inspired by the flight patterns of starlings. (Photo: Ruprecht Studios via Vimeo) Drone ballet at Burning Man mesmerizes crowd

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Drone Light Shows Look Cool, But How Do They Work? Top Drone News Stories 

Drone Light Shows Look Cool, But How Do They Work?

If you were in Los Angeles on September 14, and looked up into the night sky, you would have seen a swarm of 300 Intel Shooting Star drones, equipped with LED lights, flying in sequence to form a huge W. Despite initial paranoia in downtown that the display was a subliminal message from a more advanced civilization, the drones were in fact working for Warner Bros/DC Comics, promoting the home entertainment release of Wonder Woman. Cool studio marketing stunts aside, you might have been curious to learn how drones fly…

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