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A brief talk about drone policy with DJI’s US Policy Leader

  DJI is the current leader in the market so we had to ask their US drone policy leader a few questions Jon Resnick leads DJI’s drone policy efforts in Washington DC. Prior to joining DJI, he was a senior television planning editor with the Associated Press, leading news planning for AP’s national elections coverage. Jon spearheaded AP’s program to incorporate drones into professional news-gathering operations. He also played a leadership role in the News Media Coalition which is now conducting formal testing at an FAA sanctioned site. Jon will be a panelist at…

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New Drone Policy shared by Department of Justice

The Department of Justice released new drone policy guidelines for how UAVs can be used domestically by Federal Law Enforcement These new guidelines, which can be downloaded from the Department of Justice website, should provide clarity to agencies that have not yet embraced the use of UAVs.  As we reported a while ago, the Department of Justice audit of drone usage showed a lack of use, combined with wasted money and equipment.  Drone policy guidelines, making it clear on when drones be used, and in what manner, should enable agencies…

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