Canada reviews regulating where drones can fly after package drop over prison Canada Drones In The News 

Sask. jail package drop highlights difficulties in regulating where drones can fly

As Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice looks at what it can do to prevent drones from flying over correctional facilities, Transport Canada is examining what changes it needs to make to better regulate the technology. The ministry confirmed Friday that a drone dropped a package of contraband at the Regina Correctional Centre a few weeks ago. In Canada, anyone is able to operate a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but they are expected to follow a set of rules. Aaron McCrorie, the director general for civil aviation at Transport Canada, explained…

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Canadian Drone Regulations to be updated in near future

  On May 28th a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations concerning the operation of Unmanned Aircraft under 25 kg within Visual Line of Sight was issued, meaning Canadian Drone Regulations are likely to be updated within the next 90 days There is an understanding in many of the world’s aviation authorities that unmanned aircraft must be dealt with.  Canada has done a good job in this area and continues to do so.  As a result, Canadian drone regulations are likely to be updated soon.   For those interested…

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