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Reaping the benefits of safe drone technology

When a Maine fire chief used his hobby drone to drop a life vest to two boys trapped by raging waters he not only saved two young lives, he demonstrated the positive potential of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UAS technology, or Drones, has evolved much the same as computers, which went from room-sized machines operated by NASA to laptops and then smart phones carried around in our pockets. Not long ago, only the military flew drones—in combat zones. Today, Americans are flying many types of hobby drones and companies are…

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Drone Safety Guidelines a rallying call for the industry

There is a need for tighter drone safety guidelines Clearer Drone Safety Guidelines are Needed skeeze / Pixabay As we have noted previously when we published our thoughts on hobbyist drone guidelines, it is more important than ever for us to formalize, as an industry, acceptable and safe behavior.  Drone safety guidelines, as part of hobbyist drone guidelines, will increase the public’s comfort with the entire unmanned industry and result in broader adoption. This article, in National Defense Magazine, discusses the fact that the industry is rallying around the need for…

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