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Japanese Company, Secom, is releasing security drones

Security drones from Secom will automatically launch to photograph and take videos of intruders You will soon be able to buy your own aerial protection vehicle.  Security drones from Japanese company Secom will launch and capture images of intruders. PC Advisor UK notes: “The drone can link with an intruder-detection system that sends beams of laser light along the perimeter of a secure space. When the detector senses motion, the drone automatically takes off from a nearby charging station to investigate. It can send real-time video of an intruder or vehicle and even…

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Drone Security – The MPI 200 Aerial pursuit-and-capture drone

The drone interceptor is here, it’s called the MPI 200 and could be a great tool for drone security The Wall Street Daily ran an interesting article drone security and a new pursuit-and-capture drone being developed in France, the MPI 200.  The article noted: “This large, muscular beast is equipped with a tracking system and a big net. When an unauthorized drone is sighted, the Malou counter-drone is deployed. It flies autonomously, acquires the offending target, hunts it down, and captures it in its net! It then flies to a…

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