Fulfillment Centers Soon to Ride Rails and Dispatch Amazon Delivery Drones Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Fulfillment Centers to Ride Rails and Dispatch Amazon Delivery Drones

Amazon aims to patent fulfillment centers that can ride the rails and dispatch Amazon Delivery Drones SOURCE : https://www.geekwire.com/2018/amazon-aims-patent-fulfillment-centers-can-ride-rails-dispatch-drones/ If Amazon follows through on a pair of patent applications, future fulfillment centers could be transported on their rounds by trains, ships or trucks and deliver their goods with autonomous drones flying out from the tops of shipping containers. The on-demand system for package delivery is covered in two applications that were filed a year and a half ago but published just today. The inventors are principal software engineer Brian Beckman…

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All of the Gear a Drone-racing Pilot Needs Drone Competitions Hobby Drones Top Drone News Stories 

All of the Gear a Drone-racing Pilot Needs

ALL THE GEAR: WHAT A DRONE-RACING PILOT NEEDS SOURCE : https://www.fai.org/news/all-gear-what-drone-racing-pilot-needs Drone racing is booming – and with the first FAI Drone Racing World Championships on the horizon, we got the lowdown on just what a top-level drone-racing pilot needs. Pilot: Obviously the first thing is the pilot. A junior is under 18. You will see they all wear first person view (FPV) goggles, and use a radio control to fly their drone. Some like to stand, some like to sit: at a big drone race you’ll see both. Competition…

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NEW Drone AI Could Give UAVs the Ability to Ride Air Currents Like Birds New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

NEW Drone AI Could Give UAVs the Ability to Ride Air Currents Like Birds

AI could help drones ride air currents like birds SOURCE : https://theconversation.com/ai-could-help-drones-ride-air-currents-like-birds-103564 Birds have long inspired humans to create their own ways to fly. We know that soaring bird species that migrate long distances use thermal updrafts to stay in the air without using up energy flapping their wings. And glider pilots similarly use thermals currents and other areas of rising air in order to remain airborne for longer. Yet, while we’ve mastered gliding through these updrafts using various instruments, the exact mechanisms that allow birds to soar are still…

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China's cut-throat approach to logistics and ruthless attitude towards top-notch innovation has propelled it into the position of the global drones leader. Top Drone News Stories 

3 Reasons Why China is The Global Drones Leader

SOURCE:https://ewn.co.za/2018/09/19/3-reasons-why-china-is-the-global-drones-leader A breakneck innovation culture, a geographic profile that demands new logistics thinking and government backing have made China a drones powerhouse. Since its inception, American and European leadership has defined the aviation world. The West’s role as the international leader for aviation has been largely uncontested; Boeing and Airbus’s duopoly in passenger aircraft manufacturing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) regulatory leadership set the standard for aviation safety across the globe. Forecasts indicate clearly that China is set to become a leading force…

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A spectacular drone show lit up the night sky above Burning Man as autonomous swarm of 300 drones displayed an orchestrated aerial ballet. Drones In The News Drones on YouTube Top Drone News Stories 

Orchestrated Drone Show Mesmerizes at Burning Man

SOURCE:http://www.govtech.com/products/Drones-Continue-to-Find-Work-in-Ohio.html The drone display at Burning Man 2018 was inspired by the flight patterns of starlings. (Photo: Ruprecht Studios via Vimeo) Drone ballet at Burning Man mesmerizes crowd

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Commercial Drone Applications such as Real Estate Surveying, Construction Monitoring, and Drone Farming are increasing in Ohio Commercial Drone Applications New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Ohio Sees Expansion in Commercial Drone Applications

Drones Continue to Find Work in Ohio SOURCE:http://www.govtech.com/products/Drones-Continue-to-Find-Work-in-Ohio.html (TNS) — Paul and Deborah Bach first bought a drone because they wanted to keep an eye on the construction of a pipeline in three parts of their farmland outside Elmore, Ohio. And while that quickly helped the Bachs identify several areas where construction activity had damaged their field tile, they soon learned of other tasks for which aerial video is useful. In particular, Mr. Bach has been using his drone to identify parts of his fields with insect damage, “and you…

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LCCC Drone Courses and Plans Even More Training Drones In The News New Drone Technology 

LCCC Drone Courses and Plans Even More Training

Drones are becoming popular in a number of industries from real estate to photography, and so the demand for those licensed to operate a commercial drone is increasing. To meet demand, Lehigh Carbon Community College introduced its first classes on commercial drone certification last year. After a successful initial run, the community college will be hosting a second series of drone classes on campus this semester. Richard Wilt, dean of the School of Communication Arts, Computers and Technology at LCCC, which is offering the classes, said the classes are being…

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See the New Drone Lithium-Metal Battery Take Flight  New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

See the New Drone Lithium-Metal Battery Take Flight 

A Massachusetts-based startup says it’s doing something that no other company has been able: sell lithium-metal batteries commercially. And they’re appearing first in drones. SolidEnergy Systems, a spin-out from MIT, has developed a battery that it says has double the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. That means that a battery from SolidEnergy Systems could be half the size of a standard lithium-ion battery and hold the same amount of energy, or it could be the same size as a lithium-ion battery and hold twice as much energy. For drone…

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4 Reasons GoPro's Drone Dreams Evaporated Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

4 Reasons GoPro’s Drone Dreams Evaporated

GoPro’s (NASDAQ:GPRO) stock plummeted in early January after the action camera maker reduced its fourth quarter sales forecast, lowered the price of its flagship Hero 6 Black camera, and exited the drone business. The death of GoPro’s drone business was particularly devastating since it was seemingly the company’s best chance to pivot away from the saturated action camera market. It was also surprising. GoPro claimed during last quarter’s conference call that the Karma was the second best selling drone in the US priced above $1,000, and that it controlled 24%…

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An Inside Look at How Drones Fly Top Drone News Stories 

Take a Detailed Glimpse on the Inside with a Look at How Drones Fly

Drones these days are easier than ever to pilot, but the science behind the technology often goes overlooked. That is why Rhett Allain, a Physics Professor from Southeastern Louisiana University, created a video explaining how drones fly. How drones fly: Hover Professor Allain used a DJI Mavic as a model to explain a drone’s flight. When a quadcopter hovers, there are two opposite rotors that spin clockwise, while the other rotors spin counterclockwise. To keep the drone stable, all the rotors are powered equally. READ MORE! >> Source: Inside look…

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