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Dubai Expects Pilotless Drones by Summer

Look out, Uber and Airbus, two companies already on record as seriously involved in efforts to offer pilotless drones to transport people around urban areas. Enter the city of Dubai’s transportation agency, which this week announced plans to offer rides aboard computer-operated drones around the Middle Eastern city beginning this July. Dubai’s head of transportation said the city has already been testing the UAV around the city. Dubai expects to use the Chinese-made Ehang 184, a four-propeller drone capable of trips as long as 31 miles. READ MORE! >> Source:…

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Video tour of Dubai – NPro+ Aerial Production

  This excellent video tour of Dubai is brought to you by the team at NPro+ Aerial Production NPro+ Aerial Production has published this video tour of Dubai on Vimeo along with this information. “Camera: DJI INSPIRE1 DJI PHANTOM2 with GOPRO HERE 4 Black EDITION Music: Return Of The Heroes by Patryk Scelina Aerial video of some of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. This city is full of modern architectural marvels. Dubai is an example of what human determination can achieve, and everything is possible. Not long ago all locations you see in…

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