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Drone Crash – Advice and a few lessons learned

  If you fly drones you will experience a drone crash (or perhaps many drone crashes).  Read this article to see how one pilot investigated, learned, and avoided future crashes. Snapographic_com / Pixabay Our friends at Skylab Flight Systems are experts with the 3D Robotics line of drones and regularly provide support and repair services (as well as business advice for those just getting started).  It’s not surprising that they may have helped a few drone crash victims over time.  This story is filled with sadness, with joy, with ups…

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SkyBot – Build your own drone kit and educational program

  The SkyBot Kickstarter is part educational program for kids and part a build your own drone kit I was a geek, I admit it.  I learned to build my own robot in school and would have loved every aspect of this program if it had been available then.  A build your own drone kit?  You can’t go wrong. The SkyBot Kickstarter page notes “We Developed “DRONE ROBOTICS” which offers an engaging program at “The Boys and Girls Club of America”, in- and after-school classes at local BGCA around greater Los Angeles“.  Engaging kids in…

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Drone Educator, Builder, and Hobbyist – Dean Honeycutt

Dean, a true Drone Educator, also known as DinosDrones on Twitter and YouTube, joins us for an interview. jarmoluk / Pixabay Dean is a true Drone Educator, hobbyist, and builder and we were happy to have the opportunity to catch up with him and share his insights.  Never heard of Dean?  Like many others in this industry he is not someone you’ll see on television but his background speaks volumes. [Tweet “Read this great interview with @DinosDrones #uav #uas”] Dean is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and…

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AMA partners with Fly Robotics to provide sUAS education online

Muncie, IN— The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is proud to announce its latest addition to the AMA Flight School online learning center: small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) education with partner Fly Robotics! The Fly Robotics team brings with it an unprecedented portfolio of UAS experience and instruction. With multiple Department of Defense certified flight instructors and national champions, Fly Robotics will be an integral piece of AMA Flight School, serving as the sUAS online course and regional flight school provider. Additionally, Fly Robotics has provided basic safety and introductory…

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