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Drones are helping stop poachers in Tanzania – Part 1

BatHawk Recon taking to the skies to stop poachers in Tanzania We came across a press release last week discussing an upcoming trial being conducted by Bathawk to use drones to stop poachers and protect the local animal population. “This Press release is a notice that the trials will be held 29th April to 3rd May in the Selous Game Reserve at the Mkuyu River Camp. The Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa and famous for its rough terrain and abundant wildlife. The goal of these trials…

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Crowdfunded Drones: The KickStarter Splash Drone and More

Crowdfunded Drones will have success in 2015.  You only have to look at the KickStarter Splash Drone to understand that this is true.  I often check out KickStarter and IndieGogo to see what ideas are floating around in this space.  We have spoken about the KickStarter Splash Drone a few times because it is truly an amazing success in terms of donations. Here is a summary of a few of the crowd funded drone projects that have caught our eye. KickStarter Splash Drone We had to start here. With five days…

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Drone Fishing and more. Top 5 drone applications of the week

1. Fishing Imagine you’re sitting in your boat on the lake, casually throwing the fishing rod around, waiting for a fish to take the bait and then suddenly you hear a sound akin to a swarm of bees in close proximity. No, it’s not the revenge of mother nature finally starting, its=’s probably your neighbour using a drone to fish. David Darg from Ryot News attached a string with a hook and bait at the end to a DJI Phantom and then flew it over a lake, until he caught…

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