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Opinion: Arctic Drones should not be banned by the cruise industry

Cruise ship associations are viewing arctic drones as damaging to the environment Gellinger / Pixabay An article on Yahoo news reports this change, noting: “the moratorium was not set because of any specific incidents, but because of the increase in drone use aboard recreational cruise ships. Inexpensive drones outfitted with cameras can easily be brought on board, where passengers can unleash them unexpectedly on other guests and vulnerable wildlife. They also can be easily lost at sea and contribute to ocean plastic pollution.“ While we absolutely support environmental protection we at the Best Drone Info…

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Using drones in Mexico to save endangered porpoise

People often think of the drug trade when discussing using drones in Mexico.  This story points out that unmanned aircraft (UAVs) have many uses, one of the most important being animal protection and animal conservation.  We have seen UAVs used to save rhinos and elephants from poachers and the use of this technology for protection is increasing across the world. Using drones in Mexico to save animals We will continue to monitor and will keep you updated as we learn more.  Please continue reading the article below which was originally published on Fox News Latino.  This is…

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