New Drone Owners Urged to Read Drone Rules before Flying This Christmas Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

New Drone Owners Urged to Read Drone Rules before Flying This Christmas

AS drones become increasingly popular and with many of the unmanned aircrafts tipped to land under the Christmas tree this year, authorities are urging those lucky enough to receive one to steer well clear of hospitals. Queensland Health has launched a new digital campaign reminding families that all hospitals are “drone-free zones”. The rules are clear – drones are not to be flown within a five kilometre radius of any hospital. Those who break the rules could be hit with a hefty fine, as high as $10,000 depending on the…

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Trump Signs Bill Reinstating the FAA's Drone Registration Requirement Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

Trump signs bill reinstating the FAA’s drone registration requirement

Back in late-2015, the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules requiring owners of small drones to submit their devices to a database and attach a registration code to the side of the product. In May of this year, a judge in the D.C. Circuit shot the rule down, and the FAA began the process of returning the $5 registration fee. Now the registry is back on, courtesy of a bill signed into law earlier today by President Trump. The reinstated rules were one small piece of the $700 billion National…

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Drone Flying Regulations and Location Restrictions

Good Question: Where Are You Allowed To Fly Drones? MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As of January 2017, more than 600,000 people had registered their drones with the Federal Aviation Administration. Last year, the FAA put rules into place regarding registration and use of the unmanned vehicles. So, where are people allowed to fly their drones? Brandon Reinert has worked at Hub Hobby Center in Richfield for years. Over that time, he’s learned about what he can and can’t do with his drones and passes along that information to his customers. He…

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Unmanned Flights with Drones Drones In The News Uncategorized 

Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

At the edge of a stubbly, dried-out alfalfa field outside Grand Junction, Colorado, Deputy Sheriff Derek Johnson, a stocky young man with a buzz cut, squints at a speck crawling across the brilliant, hazy sky. It’s not a vulture or crow but a Falcon—a new brand of unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, and Johnson is flying it. READ MORE! >> Source: Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Drone

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'Peeping Tom' Drone Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

Utah Couple Arrested Over ‘Peeping Tom’ Drone

Here’s one more thing you have to worry about: Drones sent by neighbors to spy on you in your home. Police arrested a Utah man with a history of voyeurism and his girlfriend on suspicion of flying a drone was spotted on area “patrols.” The drone videotaped people in their bathroom or bedrooms in the city of Orem, investigators said. One apparent target who spotted the tiny machine outside of his bathroom window chased it in his truck and grabbed it when it landed. He found several videos of people…

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Bill Prohibit Drones Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

Bill would prohibit drones flown over private property

HELENA – People who spoke in opposition to a bill that would limit where drones can fly said they were worried the legislation, if not amended, would prohibit the production of films and the use of aircraft by companies like railroads who use the technology to inspect their track. AT&T uses drones to inspect its wireless towers, company lobbyist Mark Baker told the Senate Judiciary Committee, which heard the bill Tuesday. “It’s a much safer approach than sending personnel up on the tower for initial review,” he said. Senate Bill…

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Uneek Perspective Aerial Photography shares their story

Uneek Perspective Aerial Photography recently received their Section 333 Exemption from the FAA For more information about Uneek Perspective, check out their website. Q. How did the exemption process go in your opinion? The exemption process was lengthy. I did a fair amount of research prior to putting together my exemption request. As with most things in aviation it was a “hurry up and wait” process. You hurry to get stuff together to secure your place in line and then wait for what seems like forever to get your exemption.…

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FAA Inside Scoop – Some insights on the Pathfinder Program

The FAA is focused on creating a safe environment for drone-based business success The FAA is on a roll. When they first launched the Section 333 Summary Grant Process we were impressed to see them streamlining their processes.  Other efforts followed and we continued to be impressed.  Then, with the launch of the Pathfinder Program, it became clear that they have set its sights on creating the right regulatory environment for drone-based business success in the United States. We reached out to ask a few questions about the Pathfinder Program.  An…

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DC No Drone Zone campaign has now kicked off

The FAA has a reminder for each of us – There is a 15 mile no drone zone around Ronald-Reagan Washington National Airport This is not something new, simply a reminder from the FAA that we are all welcome in Washington DC, we just need to leave our UAVs at home. Here is the FAA release on the no drone zone. May 13– As hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the Washington, D.C. area for their summer vacations and residents join them on city streets and at public gatherings, the Federal Aviation…

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