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UAV photography in our farmlands

While this post is from 2013 it provides a couple of good examples of UAV photography in our farmlands. Corn in Illinois Last month we had the opportunity to  do some fixed wing flying in the heartland. Below is a sample of a flight in which we covered approximately 300 acres of corn. The flight lasted about 20 minutes and has a ground resolution of 15cm .   Wheat in Idaho Last week I had the opportunity to do some flying for General Mills field day in Idaho. The day…

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Drones In The News 

Precision Agriculture: Farmers see drones in their future

Precision agriculture will play a key role in feeding future generations. This article, originally published in The Gazette, shows awareness of precision agriculture growing in the mainstream. DUBUQUE — Unmanned aerial vehicles, famous for delivering lethal strikes on terrorists, have yet to live up to their considerable promise for improving farm productivity. An unmanned aerial vehicle at Crop Tech Services Inc. in Ely use drones such as this one to monitor clients’ farm fields. (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette) “They have the potential to gather and process an unprecedented amount of data, but that…

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