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Security Researchers Can Detect When Spy Drones Are Filming You

A group of security researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Weizmann Institute of Science have developed techniques that can determine if someone is using a drone to illicitly film someone. The research was detailed in an academic paper released in early January. Concerns of privacy invasions by way of drones—especially those with attached cameras—have skyrocketed in recent months. The methods detailed by these researchers could help individuals and businesses protect their privacy, and give them legal proof of a spying attempt. The methods can be used to…

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Filming with drones – 10 tips to get you started

  Multi-award winning filmmaker, Sebastian Solberg, shares 10 tips to get you started filming with drones Filming with drones is resulting new camera angles and existing new video content.  Read these 10 tips from award-winning filmmaker Sebastian Solberg. Drones will and are already revolutionising filmmaking, allowing filmmakers to achieve jaw dropping, cinematic results that have previously only been available to Hollywood productions! I’ve been working with drones on and off for a few years now but at the end of last year I decided to take the leap and buy…

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