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21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved, 3/20/2015 – 3/27/2015

21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved The FAA made a lot of progress on exemptions during the last few days with 21 section 333 exemptions approved. Here are the section 333 exemptions approved by the FAA and a summary of planned use for each. San Diego Gas & Electric Company The exemption notes: “The exemption would allow the petitioner to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial inspections of its electric and gas facilities including emergency response damage assessments” Southern Company Services, Inc. The exemption notes: “The exemption would…

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Interview with Jay Forte of Sky-Futures

15299 / Pixabay Q. Could you tell us a bit about Sky-Futures? Sky-Futures provides visual inspection and technical report writing using UAV technology and Oil and Gas industry experts. We have been operating globally for nearly four years with offices in London, Aberdeen, Malaysia and Norway. The Houston office opens tomorrow as we now have our permission to operate commercially in the US. Our safety procedures and operations manual have been proven with over 200 days of work performed last year with zero safety incidents. We look forward to bringing our…

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Sky-Futures: Use of Drones for Oil and Gas Inspections

We came across this press release and wanted to share it with our readers.  Using drones for oil and gas inspections is another great example of using drone/uav technology to increase efficiency (dollars and time) while improving employee safety.  We applaud these efforts and look forward to seeing many more. Drones for Oil and Gas Inspections Sky-Futures USA, a Houston based company offering drone inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry is today awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption permitting the use of its Ascending Technologies…

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