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Top Industries Take on Private Unmanned Traffic Management System

Tackling the Unmanned Traffic Management System With drone delivery dreams soaring high and motivating quickly planned innovations, the top dogs of industry (Amazon, Boeing, GE, and Google) are taking on the developmental quagmire of an Unmanned Traffic Management system (UTM). The possible predicaments are obvious and plentiful but begin with inevitable drone crashes and manned aircraft interference. NASA on Air Traffic To tackle the basics and make their drone delivery technology a reality, these tech giants will be leaning on the broad and experienced shoulders of NASA (National Aeronautics and…

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EMS Drones – Google receives a patent

  According to the Insurance Journal, Google has received approval for their patent for EMS Drones The Insurance Journal is reporting the following information about Google’s patents for EMS Drones: “Google Inc. received a patent on the use of drones to provide emergency medical service. Patent 9,051,043, issued June 9, covers the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to provide emergency medical support. Google said the vehicles would be configured to provide support for a number of different situations.” The US Patent office has information on all filed patents available online.…

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