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5 Great Drone Applications, April 19th 2015

Drone Applications JESHOOTS / Pixabay Our friends at Flyver regularly share drone applications that they have come across and find interesting.  Here is a great installment. 1.  Cow Art If we still had the creative category, this would have fit right in there. Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, no one up to this point has used cows to draw images that are visible from the air. Until now. Derek Klingenberg uses a truck full of feed , a large herd of cows and a drone to make what he calls #CowArt. The way…

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5 Unconventional Drone Applications

1. Shep, the Sheep Herding Drone What are the requirements for a shepherd dog? Large, loud, threatening, can direct sheep. If that’s the case, why not use a drone and cut costs significantly. That’s probably the reasoning behind sheep farmer Paul Brennan’s new project, Shep the Drone. Paul figured out that the loud whirring noises of a quadcopter would be enough to make a herd of sheep flee in the direction he wants them to, so using his own personal drone he made the wonderfully funny video you see above.…

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