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UAE is buzzing with ideas for drones

The UAE is rapidly becoming the hub of drone development through a competition that is receiving thou-sands of submissions each year. The UAE Drones for Good Awards has put the country in the spotlight by showcasing drones that benefit humans. Ammar Malik, the Executive Director of Dubai Internet City – who are hosting the event – said that there has been a total of 1,300 submissions this year, which is a 30 per cent in-crease from 2016. Speaking to Khaleej Times, Malik said: “For us it’s not just about attracting…

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How to start a new hobby in drones

By Mark Judson | 682-6524 | @cnbMark | CRESTVIEW—From halftime shows to online deliveries to the backyard, drones are increasingly visible. However, getting in the air isn’t quite the buy-and-fly process it once was. RULES OF THE AIR Even recreational users still have to meet certain requirements and register their drone if it weighs more than .55 pounds. Operators must keep their unmanned craft within sight and not fly within 5 miles of an airport or within an established no-fly zone, such as the area around a military base.…

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Drone Privacy Laws tightening up in New Zealand

As of August 1st, drone privacy laws will require hobbyist to get permission when flying over private property The New Zealand Herald ran this story about new drone privacy laws being enforced starting August 1st.  The article notes: “From August 1, new civil aviation rules will mean operators will need consent from a property owner before they fly over it. Existing rules allow anyone to operate a drone, as long as they observe simple safety precautions. These include flying below 120 metres, flying only during daylight, flying within line of sight and not…

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Interview with Kevin McCarthy – Skylab Flight Systems

Skylab Flight Systems Kevin McCarthy has worked with several Chinese manufacturers in different capacities ranging from technical support to writing user manuals to testing new products.  He launched Skylab Flight Systems to share his insights on the drone industry with others. Q.  Kevin, what got you interested in the drone industry initially? Initially, my attraction to the drone industry stemmed from my involvement in a growing quadcopter hobby.  I was involved with a Chinese quadcopter manufacturer and I liked the work I was doing for/with them.  One day, while I…

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Interview with Paul Liberatore of Dronebrief

A chat with Dronebrief Founder Paul Liberatore We reached out to Paul to learn more about his thoughts on the state of drone technology and law. Paul   Paul is a licensed attorney in the State of Arizona who has a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University in Aeronautical Engineering Technology. He is also a Commercial Pilot with over 1300 hours logged time, with a CFI, MEI, and A&P.  Oh yes, Paul also founded Dronebrief, a site focused on the relatively new field of drone law. Q. You are focused on commercial…

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The evolving state of UAV Legislation Around the World

Nemo / Pixabay UAV Legislation For a beginner in the drone market, being based in the United Kingdom may seem like a painful experience if you want to fly a UAV. Insurance is required for everyone, from hobbyists to commercial operators (technically, if you fly a kite in the UK, you should have insurance). UAV Legislation for flying commercially, additionally requires a RPAS license, obtainable from one of two companies and qualifies you to operate your vehicle within the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations. Completing the test is fairly straightforward, but the…

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Opinion: The FAA continues to misunderstand drone hobbyist

[interlink] According to the Tampa Tribune the FAA has sent a warning letter to Jayson Hanes, a drone hobbyist, stating: “This office has received a complaint regarding your use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for commercial purposes referencing your video on the website, as evidence. After a review of your website, it does appear that the complaint is valid.” Also according to this article, Hanes has attempted to reach out to the FAA who has not responded to his request. Drone hobbyist/enthusiasts fly their vehicles in hopes of seeing…

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