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Kickstarter drone yeair! is shaking things up

  This Kickstarter drone is combustion powered and open sourced, it may just be the quadcopter of the future The yeair! Kickstarter drone has generated a lot of buzz and, along the way, is closing in on its crowd funding target of $76,902.  With 57 days to go they have already raised over $61,000 and appear to be another crowd funding success story in the making. What did we do when we saw this?  Of course, we reached out to the team to ask a few questions.  Before the interview, however, here is an overview…

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Another Kickstarter Drone – The Sprite UAV

Kickstarter drone projects are proving popular – The Sprite UAV may be one of the next success stories in crowd funding. The Sprite claims to be rugged, reliable, and easy to use.  This information comes straight from their crowd funding page but note that we  have reached out to the team to ask a few questions and learn more. This Kickstarter Drone campaign is seeking to raise $200,000 and has just surpassed $137,000 with 20 days of fundraising remaining. The team at Ascent AeroSystems, the maker of this product, notes the…

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