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Drone Laws: An interview with Drone Lawyer Peter Lee

Monelgonel / Pixabay Drone Laws vary a great deal around the globe Peter Lee from law firm Taylor Vinters is based in the UK and is one of the world’s leading drone lawyers; we asked him about drone laws around the globe. Q. You are a technology and drone lawyer in the UK, what prompted you to focus on law in these areas. Technology law is interesting because it’s a challenge to apply the law to totally new and evolving concepts. I mainly specialise in areas where tech and regulation…

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British man charged with flying drones over landmarks

This is an interesting case in the United Kingdom.  The british man violated the law by flying drones without maintaining contact with it and without getting permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. We at The Drone Info support the use of drones/uavs for hobbyist and commercial uses but completely understand and respect the security concerns these devices raise.  The british law is a good attempt at a reasonable balance between these two interests. This article was published on Yahoo News. “London (AFP) – A British man will appear in court accused…

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