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Global regulatory improvements are needed to increase commercial drone use

geralt / Pixabay As you know, we recently shared market research from Flyver that demonstrated the US Leads in drone sales but is falling behind in commercialization.  On that same day we shared the US Department of Justice’s Inspector General report on drone usage in the Department of Justice which further emphasized this same point. At The Drone Info we feel that global regulatory improvements are needed on commercial drone use must be a priority at regional, national, and local levels.  It is time. Along these lines, and as a…

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Legal experts question FAA’s authority to ground drone website

Lawmakers across the globe are struggling.  Drone technology, often maligned and misunderstood, is something that they want to put legal limits upon but how much, or how little, makes sense? In our opinion the FAA, in the example below, has overstepped their bounds.  Drones/uavs are a valuable technology that can greatly benefit society.  Like any technology, there are positive and negative uses, but the vast majority of uses are positive (or at least neutral). Steve Girard’s efforts to create a part-time source of income, using his DJI Phantom for aerial photography,…

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Drones and the law: Interview with Clayton Rice

Q. You are a criminal and wiretap lawyer in Canada, what is your interest in drone technology? I actually came into the UAV conversation very late. Of course, I read and listened to the news coverage but it was mostly in the background. The dominant application of drone technology seemed to be by the military. More recently, I have been paying attention to the burgeoning controversy over the commercial and law enforcement uses. The use of drones by the police for surveillance, motor vehicle tracking, and searches and seizures is of…

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