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Line of sight requirement could be eased for commercial drone use

Line of sight requirements remain a large deterrent to commercial drone use [Tweet “Line of sight requirements remain a large deterrent to commercial #drone use #uav #uas”] The FAA continues to work to understand and balance the needs of commercial users, hobbyist, and national security.  It is a difficult balancing act.    As it stands today, drone operators cannot flying unless they maintain a visual line of sight with their aircraft (see our hobbyist drone guidelines), which works fine for hobbyist and many commercial uses (inspection services, for example). Mashable…

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British man charged with flying drones over landmarks

This is an interesting case in the United Kingdom.  The british man violated the law by flying drones without maintaining contact with it and without getting permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. We at The Drone Info support the use of drones/uavs for hobbyist and commercial uses but completely understand and respect the security concerns these devices raise.  The british law is a good attempt at a reasonable balance between these two interests. This article was published on Yahoo News. “London (AFP) – A British man will appear in court accused…

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