Charging LiPo batteries – How to select the right charger

Dino shares his insights on how to find the right charger for charging LiPo batteries by Dino of Dino’s drones Last week we shared with you information on the care and feeding of your LiPo battery and now we continue with insights on finding the right charger for charging your charging LiPo batteries. When it comes to the right charger for your needs the natural question is, “Which charger will charge my LiPo?” Let’s reverse this thought and start with the battery. Look beyond the now and think of what your…

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How To – Care and feeding of your LIPO battery

Your LIPO Battery, treated properly, will keep your drone in the air for a long time By Dino of Dinos Drones One of the most important components your drone needs to fly is the battery that powers all the electronics. No battery, no flying. The type of battery most widely used today in radio controlled vehicles is the Lithium Polymer or LiPo battery. These batteries provide great power but can be expensive; however understanding a few basic properties of LiPo batteries and learning techniques to properly charge, store and care…

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