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Drone maps mines to explore unsafe caverns and seek out minerals

In the 2012 sci-fi film Prometheus, scientists release small drones into a mysterious tunnel complex to create a detailed 3D map of the caverns in minutes. Australian researchers plan to use a similar approach to explore parts of old mines that are unsafe to visit. The drones, which are controlled by a pilot, will be able to carry out safety checks by monitoring the build-up of water and checking the extent of roof collapses, and search for valuable mineral deposits that may have been missed. They are being developed by…

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DroneDeploy Announces Partnership with DJI

DroneDeploy We are very excited to see more drone-related announcements coming out today and this one comes from DroneDeploy once again.   DroneDeploy announces partnership with DJI with software for aerial mapping, imaging, and additional drone automation which is available via an App with DJI Phantom Vision 2 Drones.  This is a big win for both companies and consumers. We reached out to Mike Winn, founder and CEO of DroneDeploy, to ask him a few more questions. Q. Congratulations on the new product! This sounds like a major step forward, how…

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21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved, 3/20/2015 – 3/27/2015

21 Section 333 Exemptions Approved The FAA made a lot of progress on exemptions during the last few days with 21 section 333 exemptions approved. Here are the section 333 exemptions approved by the FAA and a summary of planned use for each. San Diego Gas & Electric Company The exemption notes: “The exemption would allow the petitioner to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial inspections of its electric and gas facilities including emergency response damage assessments” Southern Company Services, Inc. The exemption notes: “The exemption would…

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