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Top Industries Take on Private Unmanned Traffic Management System

Tackling the Unmanned Traffic Management System With drone delivery dreams soaring high and motivating quickly planned innovations, the top dogs of industry (Amazon, Boeing, GE, and Google) are taking on the developmental quagmire of an Unmanned Traffic Management system (UTM). The possible predicaments are obvious and plentiful but begin with inevitable drone crashes and manned aircraft interference. NASA on Air Traffic To tackle the basics and make their drone delivery technology a reality, these tech giants will be leaning on the broad and experienced shoulders of NASA (National Aeronautics and…

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Medical Drones – The insight scoop from NASA on Let’s Fly Wisely

  Let’s Fly Wisely is a partnership working to run a trial of medical drones, delivering medical supplies to a free health clinic in Wise, Virginia. We read a story on the Fox News website titled “First FAA-approved drone deliveries coming July 17?. We decided to reach out to contacts at NASA, who is involved in the effort, as we had not seen the FAA issue approval for this type of medical drone testing.  We are glad we did. Frank Jones, lead for the NASA Langley portion of the flight test, took…

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NASA to create drone air traffic control system

Originally published on RedOrbit. NASA to create drone air traffic control system ahundt / Pixabay “In light of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s recent ruling that drone operators must make sure that their aircraft remain in their line of sight at all times, NASA and several other groups are working on an drone air traffic control system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Droning on and on… According to Gizmodo, one of the aerospace companies working with NASA, Exelis, plans to unveil its solution to the problem later on this month. Under their system, remote drones could be…

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