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PocketLint delivers an excellent Parrot Bebop Review

The folks at PocketLint wrote an excellent Parrot Bebop Review.  We have included a bit of it here but strongly encourage you to check out the entire review on their site. Parrot Bebop Review “The Parrot Bebop, which follows-up the company’s AR Drone 2.0, is an affordable high-flier with built-in 1080p camera and app-based controls via tablet or smartphone. At £430 it couldn’t exactly be called cheap, but in the world of dronesit’s an affordable entry point that will come as a tempting prospect.  We’ve spent days playing with the Parrot Bebop in various environments and like the…

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March 26, 2015: Favorite YouTube Drone Videos of the week

Here are our favorite drone videos of the week as of March 26, 2015. In no particular order, here we go: 1. Parrot Bebop Drone – Best of Bebop at Snow 2. DJI Inspire 1 iPad Air 2 Pilot’s View During a Flight 3. Drone Proposal | Love At 10,000 Feet 4. Selfies Take Flight With Latest Drone Technology 5. Great heights: Drone’s view of South America

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Parrot Bebop Drone Review

The “Parrot Bebop Drone Review” was originally published on TechCrunch. “Parrot has a brand new drone on the market, featuring a 1080p video camera that captures motion at 30FPS, and that can take stills at 14MP. The camera has built-in stabilization, letting it avoid the kinds of shakes and jitters that can normally add up to nausea when dealing with moving camera, and has a Wi-Fi flight range of up to 1.2 miles when flown connected directly to the new Skycontroller hardware control accessory. Embedded GPS completes the picture for…

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