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Edinburgh Scotland – Trial pipeline inspections with drones

Edinburgh Scotland – UNDERGROUND drones are being used to repair gas pipes for the first time in Scotland The Edinburgh News website is reporting that drones are being used for underground pipeline inspection in Edinburgh Scotland.  It notes: “An operator can watch live pictures fed back from the drone and give the machine detailed orders. As well as spotting and repairing leaks, the drones can check for strain on pipes and map the pipe network in unprecedented detail, reducing the chance of other utilities accidentally damaging them. A spokeswoman for SGN…

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Former fighter pilots bringing rigor to pipeline inspections

Midstream Integrity Services is managed by former fighter pilots and they bring military rigor to pipeline inspections Drone-based pipeline inspections being flown with the same level of detail as a combat mission in enemy territory?  We needed to hear more. Midstream Integrity Services is managed by former fighter pilots.  They consider themselves aviators first and they treat every mission with the same level of preparation as a combat sortie. Q. I know your founders are former fighter pilots, how does this influence the way in which you approach your missions (pipeline inspections,…

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