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Utah Couple Arrested Over ‘Peeping Tom’ Drone

Here’s one more thing you have to worry about: Drones sent by neighbors to spy on you in your home. Police arrested a Utah man with a history of voyeurism and his girlfriend on suspicion of flying a drone was spotted on area “patrols.” The drone videotaped people in their bathroom or bedrooms in the city of Orem, investigators said. One apparent target who spotted the tiny machine outside of his bathroom window chased it in his truck and grabbed it when it landed. He found several videos of people…

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Bill would prohibit drones flown over private property

HELENA – People who spoke in opposition to a bill that would limit where drones can fly said they were worried the legislation, if not amended, would prohibit the production of films and the use of aircraft by companies like railroads who use the technology to inspect their track. AT&T uses drones to inspect its wireless towers, company lobbyist Mark Baker told the Senate Judiciary Committee, which heard the bill Tuesday. “It’s a much safer approach than sending personnel up on the tower for initial review,” he said. Senate Bill…

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A talk with DJI about the state of the drone market

  The drone market is clearly expanding and DJI is at the forefront – Read their thoughts in our interview Michael Perry is the Director of Communication at drone market leader DJI, working with the media to better understand his company and how UAV technology is positively impacting our lives. He took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and respond to our questions about crowd funding, regulations, and more. Q. DJI is clearly the drone market leader in the unmanned vehicle space. There are, however, many new companies popping up as well…

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Japanese Drone Regulations continue to tighten

Japanese drone regulations against flying UAVs near crowds will soon be the norm We have written about Japanese drone regulations banning the flying of drones in public parks.  Following a UAV landing on the PMs Offices, Japan has become much stricter on its regulations and there appears to be no change to this stance ahead.  Even with Japanese companies focusing on security solutions (e.g. Secom) it appears that Japan is heading towards a no-fly-zone mentality. AsiaOne is reporting that roughly half of local governments have bans, or are considering bans, on flights of unmanned aircraft in any location that attracts crowds.  The article reports…

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More than 2000 comments on proposed drone regulations

The FAA is receiving many comments on Proposed Drone Regulations. succo / Pixabay PCWorld notes that more than 2000 comments on proposed drone regulations have already been received by the FAA.  A comment that struck us as a broader truth was this one. “this rule will ultimately hurt my business and many others that have given their lives up as well. My employees and myself will be out of jobs and many others across the country. It is a very simple thing to look at. Those that intend to do harm…

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Guide to Drone Laws by country and Regulations

Drone Laws By Country (English Speaking Countries) While the laws regulating drone/uav usage are rapidly evolving we wanted to share this guide to drone laws and regulations from December of 2014 that our collaboration partners at Flyver.co originally wrote.  We will try to provide regular updates as this is a component of the current drone environment. Please let us know if you would like to write a regular drone legal piece for The Best Drone Info to ensure we keep our readers up to date with the latest in this rapidly…

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