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Global regulatory improvements are needed to increase commercial drone use

geralt / Pixabay As you know, we recently shared market research from Flyver that demonstrated the US Leads in drone sales but is falling behind in commercialization.  On that same day we shared the US Department of Justice’s Inspector General report on drone usage in the Department of Justice which further emphasized this same point. At The Drone Info we feel that global regulatory improvements are needed on commercial drone use must be a priority at regional, national, and local levels.  It is time. Along these lines, and as a…

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Interview with Gretchen West of DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is a disruptive technology. Literally anyone can now crop scout with a drone, and get actionable data in minutes. DroneDeploy Gretchen West is the Vice President of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs at DroneDeploy. We reached out to hear her thoughts on the drone industry. Q.  I know you are the Vice President of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs at DroneDeploy, could you share with our readers a bit about your job? Gretchen West DroneDeploy is a San Francisco-based start up that provides a software solution for real-time mapping and…

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