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Drones are helping stop poachers in Tanzania – Part 2

Poaching remains a major problem.  Many are using drones to help stop poachers You may remember part 1 of this post from yesterday.  Bathawk Recon is working in Tanzania with drones to identify and stop poachers before more damage is done to this fragile ecosystem.  We asked the team at Bathawk several questions and Press Liaison, Idrisa Jaffary, acted as the intermediary, asking Director of Strategy Michael Chambers to respond. This first video segment discusses how large the problem of poaching is overall, the common types of poaching, and some of the…

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Rhino Poaching being prevented in Africa with drones

As we noted this morning with regards to tigers in India, we are seeing drones used to protect rhinos in africa, tracking rhinos and preventing rhino poaching.   This post from HuffPost shares some great information. Angiew / Pixabay “Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology designed by Spanish engineers will be used to fight rhino poachers in national parks in Africa. The ranger drone is fitted with thermal vision that can report potential irregularities in real time. Designed to be an easy tool for use by park rangers, its makers say…

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