Code your drone: How to add additional hardware to Flyver

The Flyver team continues to do amazing work growing their offerings and we are excited to be partnering with them in sharing their insights.  For those of you familiar with Flyver, or those of you with a software development background looking to make your drone do some amazing things, read on and, in this article you will learn how to add additional hardware to Flyver. In Flyver all sensors and outputs are connected to the Flyver Message Queue. This makes the system very flexible and scalable, allowing for all kinds…

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Our Interviews 

Interview with the Flyver team

Q. Could you tell our readers a bit more about Flyver? Flyver is a drone startup currently located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our company’s main focus is drone applications. We are creating an open-source SDK and marketplace in order to enable developers to create drone apps and monetize them. Our goal is to trigger a drone app revolution through a unified platform Q. I have spent years as a software engineer and love the entire concept. What inspired you to go in this direction? Coming from a technical background, we immediately saw…

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Flyver Explains: How to Implement the Flyver Server

Flyver server is a module, that allows connectivity between the SmartDrone and some different application. It is implemented as a constantly running background service and is not intended for any different use, hence it should be instantiated only once, via intent. It provides JSON based communication which allows to control the drone and the attached devices. Every JSON must have a field named “key” with the respective value for the command associated with it. So how can you use it in your application. First you need to establish a ServiceConnection…

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