San Jose Police Drone Usage: Commission to endorse one-year pilot

This would mark an interesting step forward for the use of drones by law enforcement.  San Jose Police Drone Usage, if handled responsibly, and within the scope of existing surveillance laws, is something we  would endorse and applaud. Read more of the story originally reported by the San Jose Mercury News. “SAN JOSE — The use of a police drone in San Jose took a significant step toward reality this week with the release of a report by the city’s neighborhoods commission that endorses a one-year pilot program for the…

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Drones In The News 

European Drone Studies To Be Launched This Summer

Europe is seeking to be more self-sufficient in terms of providing its own surveillance drones.  The european drone studies are a result of a partnership between France, Germany, and Italy represent a step in this direction.    This article was published on Defense News. (Photo: Airbus Defence and Space) “PARIS — France plans to sign an agreement with Germany and Italy to launch studies for a European medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) UAV at the Paris Air Show in mid-June, said French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. The signing is seen as a critical…

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Drones and the law: Interview with Clayton Rice

Q. You are a criminal and wiretap lawyer in Canada, what is your interest in drone technology? I actually came into the UAV conversation very late. Of course, I read and listened to the news coverage but it was mostly in the background. The dominant application of drone technology seemed to be by the military. More recently, I have been paying attention to the burgeoning controversy over the commercial and law enforcement uses. The use of drones by the police for surveillance, motor vehicle tracking, and searches and seizures is of…

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