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Teeny Drones – A speedy, lightweight, and durable drone


Teeny drones is a Canadian company determined to be the leaders of nano drone production in the world.

Q. We read your interview on TechVibes and were interested in learning more. What prompted you to found TeenyDrones?

As stated in the previous article I’m a gadget freak. That being said, I travel quite a bit and when first seeing drones in China a couple years back ideas exploded into my head. I contacted my partner Olivier Ferland ( brand manager / Co-Founder).. we knew in 2-3 years we would be in the drone business, and here we are today speaking with you.

Q. You note in the TechVibes article that you want a drone that can use and crash hundreds of times before it malfunctions. How do you plan to build a drone that is more reliable than others on the market?

That is the Teeny Drone itself actually. Our current model is very hard to break! I have one of our original molds that is over 4 months old and has crashed hundreds of times and it still calibrates and flys with ease. All our current clients are dumbfounded by the life longevity of these nano drones and how flexible the material is.  Even if a minor issue occurs it costs under $5.00 to fix every time. Can see our repair videos on instagram.com/teenydrones

We focused a lot on picking the right materials, because it is annoying to buy a product and drop it /crash it once and have it be immediately unusable immediately. We get that, that’s why we spent months throwing drones at walls, dropping them from 80 feet up and ensuring we could get drone that stays together.

Q. Your drone reminds us of the Cheerson CX-10, could you tell us a bit about how they compare?

Again when it comes to nano drones it is all about the material chosen to build the drone. The physical hardware to ensure when put to the extreme it will survive. The software itself is also more advanced, others who have flown multiple other nano drones would tend to agree.

I have owned all the nano drones, in my opinion they are great. But where others cut corners, we didn’t!

Q. There are hundreds of drone manufacturers and many are popping up daily. What advice would you provide to someone looking to get into this business?

QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY! Don’t cheap out, people in the end will purchase quality.

Q. Your business is in Canada, are engineering and manufacturing resources there as well?

Currently all our engineering is done in Canada but the manufacturing is done through one of my other business in China. We are working with the Canadian government at the moment to see if manufacturing can be moved to Canada, and will keep our followers informed for future jobs!

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