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The crowd funded drone – Kickstarter and IndieGogo updates

Crowd funded drones continue to pull in money

Yes, we have written about the splash drone on a couple occasions and shared information on other crowdfunded drones in the past.  Money continues to pour into this market, here is an update on a few of our favorite projects as well as information on a few others.

The Kickstarter Splash Drone

This is one of the best examples of a successfully crowd funded drone. 315 backers pledged $303,429 to make this project possible and you can even pre-order it now.

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The Drone Invasion Documentary: Learn why Drones are Good

This documentary will highlight the positive uses for unmanned vehicles in today’s society.  The campaign has already raised $3,605 of its $5,000 goal and has 10 days of fund raising remaining.  This looks like a useful project that we would recommend you check out.

Air Shepherd Drones

We are disappointed to note that this project was not successfully crowd funded.  It was focused on preventing elephant and rhino poaching and, while it garnered a lot of interest and investment, it failed to reach its target. 3843 people raised $325,818 over the course of a 2 month period.  This fell short, unfortunately, of the $500,000 target they had set.

Ghost Drone

This successful crowd funded drone project achieved 785% of its target, raising $850,006.  It is targeted towards aerial filming, claiming to make it easier for average users to create incredible films.

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Ireland’s first animal protection unmanned vehicle

This project has seven days left to go but it is closing in on its 1781 GBP goal, having already raised 1036 GBP for this crowd funded drone.  We are hopeful that this project meets its target.

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